Include Me

Connecting People, Changing Lives

What we do

Include Me provides Citizen Advocacy for vulnerable adults (aged 16-65) in the North East Fife area

A vulnerable adult may be eligible for a Volunteer Citizen Advocate if they are affected by one or more of the following:

  • Learning Disability
  •  Physical Disability
  •  Mental Health Issues
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Chronic Health Condition 
AND they are unable to safeguard their own wellbeing, rights, care or other interests.
Providing Citizen Advocacy and supporting the vulnerable.
Supporting the vulnerable and disabled through Citizen Advocacy.
Our Volunteer Citizen Advocates can offer help and support:
  • To voice opinions/wishes
  •  To Plan for the future
  •  To make informed choices
  • With community access/involvement
  • With Guardianship/PoA information
  • To access services they are entitled to

We Provide Citizen Advocacy

Our Citizen Advocates speak up for and help people have a voice.

We Support Vulnerable Adults

Our Citizen Advocates support people to make decisions about their own lives.

We Provide Information & Guidance

Our Citizen Advocates support adults to plan and make good choices.

We Ensure People are Included

Our Citizen Advocates provide community access and involvement.

Include Me

Connecting People, Changing Lives

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