We provide Citizen Advocacy to support vulnerable adults aged between 16 - 65, enabling them to be part of the community and to reach their full potential!

The role of a Citizen Advocate is to:

  • Safeguard their Partner’s human rights and dignity
  • Spend time together sharing activities both enjoy
  • Ensure others treat their Partner with respect and consider their feelings and opinions
  • Help their Partner to examine their situation and decide what issues are important to them
  • Support their Partner in making informed choices
  • Focus on what their Partner wants and help them to put their views forward
  • Help them to become more connected with their local community
  • Take time to get to know their Advocacy Partner and more about their life
  • Help their Advocacy Partner to stand up for their rights and entitlements
  • Advocate for their Partner even if they don’t necessarily agree with their Advocacy Partner’s choices, views or wishes.
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Here are some of the ways this support works in practice:

We Help Voice Opinions/Wishes

Many of the vulnerable adults we support are unable to articulate their opinions and wishes.

Our Citizen Advocates can facilitate the opportunity for them to have their voice heard.

We Help Plan for the Future

Through times of change,  it can be difficult to plan and safeguard the future of the vulnerable adult.

Our Citizen Advocates can help with future planning and decision making. 

We Provide Guidance

There are many options available for vulnerable adults but it is not always easy to understand which options best suit the individual.

Our Citizen Advocates can provide guidance on the available options that can be in the best interest of the individual.

We Involve and Include

Vulnerable adults can make a valuable contribution to our communities but can often be overlooked.

Our Citizen Advocates can help them to get involved in their community and access suitable activities.

We Provide Information

There are lots of organisations providing information and support, however too much information can be overwhelming.

Our Citizen Advocates can help simplify the necessary information needed . 

We Help to Access Services

There are services in the community that vulnerable adults are entitled to access and make use of.

Our Citizen Advocates can offer help and support to access these services and the benefits they provide.